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Nene's Butler Indie Top 40   1  HEATWAVES - Explain Colours   2  He Brings Trouble - Transit Cop   3  Ich Bin Hier Nicht Alleine - Hans Frans   4  Never Been to Goa - INGER   5  Last 365 - Tonic Ocean   6  Wandering Degenerate - Joshua Pearlstein   7  Bullet Proof - The Hinterland   8  I Should've Known - GAYA   9  Club Monroe - Dexsyn Dolls Remix - Low Monroe, Dexsyn Dolls 10  Metamorphosis - Blossom Club 11  Ruminate - Hawk 12  1980 (Electro Mix) - Melody Alex. Patrick 13  Eat This! - Conscious Kid 14  My ? - arewe NEW 15  End of the Sun - The Willful Deaf 16  Blue - Anna Josephine 17  Smoked Eyes - Sunset & Plankton 18  The Machine - Andrea Pizzo, Roberto Tiranti NEW 19  Black Crows - Romie NEW 20  Internet Women - Dan Miraldi NEW 21  Suspicion - Mayah Camara, SelloRekt / LA Dreams NEW 22  Just Before You Cry - Elastic Skies 23  Everyday - Single Audio Channel 24  Tempera Resist - Clark May, Deena Corkindale NEW 25  Sand - Knatterbunt NEW 26  Mosquito - Akrobat NEW 27  C
New Wave
Synth Pop

"Make it a breeze" by Grandios Sensibel

"Make it a breeze" by Grandios Sensibel

Grandios Sensibel makes a triumphant comeback with a new single. "Make it a breeze" is the title of the splendid track that blends pop, EDM and jazz - featuring jew’s harp, synths and trip hop drums. The song explores the theme of neurodiversity and the challenges that many people, such as autists and ADHDers, face in the daily life of a neurotypical world: sensory overload caused by noise, lights, crowds and smells. The song portrays how to cope with it - the perpetual attempt and failure and how mindfulness and meditation become a resource to manage better. Contemporary alternative pop at its best from a talented artist who embraces musical innovation and experimentation. The musical direction is clear; the release sounds outstanding.

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