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Around the world!

Ireland: Keelan X - Fever
New Zealand: Robinson - Teenage Renegade
UK: Heidz the Artist - Ghost
Australia: meadowhip - Am I Broken
Denmark: ROSITT - Treat You Like A Queen


Anger and frustration about the system: "No Sympathy" by Joe Billy

Joe Billy Joe Billy is the angsty introspective soundtrack to your everyday existentialism. His acoustic punk style sound is taken to the next level with intelligent lyricism, energetic and upbeat music, and passionate authenticity.   With intent to provoke thought, open your mind, and feel like you belong somewhere in this crazy world, his whimsical, self aware cynicism and his uplifting compassion bring you in and unify us all.     facebook     twitter     spotify     bandcamp     instagram     youtube Joe Billy is..? “Joe Billy” is not only my actual name, it’s also the artist name for my solo music . I am actually primarily a drummer ; I started playing in 2010 and continue to work with a wide variety of bands . But, in 2016 I decided to pursue writing my own material as a solo musician.   I picked up my family’s old acoustic guitar, learned a couple chords, and started screaming my thoughts and feelings over simple progressions. Later that year I released my

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