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Edelweiss & Pop: A musical journey through the German, Swiss and Austrian soundscape

A musical journey through the German, Swiss and Austrian soundscape “So was wie Liebe” von PAULINKO Mit ihrem neuen Release erwecken PAULINKO eine Sehnsucht nach Liebe und zeigen, wie viel schöner eine Welt voller Liebe sein kann. “So was wie Liebe” ist ein Song, der Euphorie erzeugt und zum Agieren einlädt. Das Duo beweist einmal mehr, dass sie nicht nur eine Attitüde, sondern auch eine Affinität für Pop haben. Mit einem fulminanten Beat, der an NNDW meets 90er Europop erinnert, und einem Refrain, der bei den Live-Shows der Beiden schon für Ekstase sorgte, singen sie mit elysischer Leichtigkeit über das Gefühl, kopflos verliebt zu sein. PAULINKO ist nicht nur eine musikalische Formation, sondern eine Manifestation einer Haltung. Die Band besteht aus dem kongenialen Duo Anna Pauline Kohn (Vocals) und Lisa-Marie Bruynen (Drums), die sich von keinerlei Konventionen oder Autoritäten in ihrer künstlerischen Entfaltung einschränken lassen. Mit ihrem dynamischen Klang, der eine Synthese a

Rebellious, quirky, confident & brilliant! - "Culture War 23" by 9 o’clock Nasty

9 o’clock Nasty

"Culture War 23 (Album)" by 9 o’clock Nasty

9 o’clock Nasty
9 o’clock Nasty is a British indie rock band that self-identifies as the “aristocrats of punk”. Their newest album, "Culture War 23", is an assortment of 12 songs that display their varied and daring sound, inspired by genres such as garage rock, alternative rock with a twist of pop.
The album’s designation reflects the band’s outlook on the current cultural and social scenario, which they regard as fractured and tumultuous. 
The band does not refrain from articulating their opinions and critiques on various matters, such as politics, media, religion, art, and consumerism. The album’s lyrics are clever, ironic, and sometimes controversial. 9 o’clock Nasty does not take themselves too seriously, but they also do not sacrifice their artistic vision and integrity.
The sound is diverse and vivacious, alternating from catchy and upbeat songs to dark and heavy ones. The band experiments with different instruments and effects and the vocals are also varied and distinctive, featuring multiple singers who harmonize, contrast, or clash with each other.

Our favorite songs of "Culture War 23":

"Too Cool" is a robust amalgamation of punk and rock, influenced by bands such as the Beastie Boys or Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song exhibits a funky guitar riff, a pulsating drum beat. The song’s lyrics are inventive as well as ironic. An absolute banger as opener.

"Mood is Low" exemplifies how to craft a sonorous and unforgettable auditory experience. The guitar riffs are unadorned but efficacious, the bass lines are rhythmic and ponderous, and the drums are swift and intense. The vocals are unfiltered and emotive, expressing a sentiment of discontent and defiance with ingenious and amusing lyrics

“Bird of Happiness” will appeal to aficionados of different music styles. The song exhibits the varied and inventive musical style of 9 o’clock Nasty, as well as their competence to cooperate with other artists. The song probes the elaborate feelings of love, with humor and candor. The song will make you beam, participate, and maybe even weep.

Bonus: three new tracks!!!

"Culture War 23" is an album that appeals to anyone who likes indie rock music. It is an album that is fun, fresh, and original, but also smart, relevant, and meaningful. "Culture War 23" is: rebellious, quirky, confident and brilliant! Logo

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