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From Introspection to Innovation: pMad’s ‘Missing’ Explores the Depths of Relationships

‘Missing’ by  pMad  The human tendency to recognize the significance of interpersonal relationships only as they begin to fade is at the heart of profound reflection on the complexity of existence , the quest for higher meaning, and the essential need to persevere despite adversities. These reflections give rise to social and spiritual critique while also metaphorically depicting a personality that assumes a dominant or intrusive role in their relationships or situations. pMad’s latest work justifies and unifies all these interpretations, ultimately mirroring human interaction.  Musically, pMad boldly steps into Alternative Rock, enriched with Indie Rock nuances, creating a sound composition that is both authentic and effective. ‘Missing’ stands out as one of the most exceptional pieces in pMad’s discography.  The subtle genre shift complements his style, reminiscent of early U2’s Post-Punk era, which I personally find delightful. The pulsating bass and drum rhythms create a captivatin

The Artist: GmBt Life - "Five hundred slaves"


GmBt Life 

Aleksi Mäkelä + Timo Zwandun + Nabim Fieev

With hearts close to Finland and Afghanistan, GmBt Life is a french based three man band.Aleksi Timo and Nabim are long time mates however live in different regions. They routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with different intruments and PCs. That’s the way they make songs or bits of music that they attempt to record rapidly.Aleksi and Nabim are multi instrumentalists while Timo likes to mess around with all sort of melodic things even if he doesn’t kwow how to do it.

Some state that their Music is a blend of the Western way of expression and the Eastern way of thought.They have built up their own unique play style, influenced by the sixties rock’n roll groups as well as the nineties folk music scene.The three pals do all you can hear or see: they compose, play the music, record it, mix it, they take the pictures, they make the videos as well as their website. GmBt Life will release a first album in 2021. They intend to play it live.

Five hundred slaves

Eine Soundcollage eingebettet im leicht marschierendem Rhythmus, immer zu rechten Zeit der Einsatz eines perfekten Klangs man könnte fast meinen, abgestimmt mit der Geschichte die erzählt wird, eine Geschichte welche vom "Energy Slave" inspiriert ist. Klingt etwas kompliziert, ist es aber überhaupt nicht, eher könnte man es außergewöhnlich nennen. Der Song zeigt sehr gute Strukturen und lässt mit seinen Harmonien aufhorchen. Es ist ein perfekter Mix aus Progressive und Alternative mit einem Touch Folk im Stile eines Soundtracks und auf alle Fälle hörenswert.

The Interview

Who inspired you to make music?

Eric Satie. Lou Reed. Eels.

What or who inspired you to "Five Hundred Slaves"?

For music we don't have a clue ! Is it something in the air? In the water ?.. Something we saw, we breathed, we heard, we touched? ... Probably a combination. The lyrics are inspired by the concept of “energy slave”. (In short: the abundance of cheap energy has turned the most pitiful inhabitant of an industrialized country into a tycoon, living vastly above what the standards were a century or two ago. Simple but precise energy calculations show that by using this cheap energy, it's as if each person in OECD countries uses on average the equivalent of 500 'servants').

What is your creative process like?

We like to start from a melody, a few chords or even a riff. We play and search around this first idea and we try to build an atmosphere. We quickly record bits and pieces to let the sound driving us. We usually start to add the lyrics when we feel the music climat is here.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

The Notwist, Jim Jarmush, Billie Eilish.

What is the most useful talent you have?

Curiosity. And the joy of playing music together.

If you could change anything in the past, what would it be?

Man should have remained a nomad, and maybe even an animal among the others.

How do you feel the Internet (especially Social Media platforms) has impacted the music business?

We don't know much about all that. We tend to concentrate on making music and we try to share it as much as we can. Anyway, the music business looks like a moving ground where everything is changing quite fast.

GmBt Life is...?

Get money Buy things Life.

What’s next for you?

Our first album should be released fall 2021, but we might decide to delay a little bit because of the pandemic. We hope to play it on stage. And we have loads of new songs, so we will record them.

gmbt-life     facebook     soundcloud     bandcamp     youtube     instagram

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