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Weekly Top 40 - NenesButler presents the music Blog charts - 27.11.21

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"Meet me halfway" by Elison

Elison are...?

After 20 years of wishing, I set out to make music for the first time. Using the extra space allotted to me during lockdown, I found the courage to finally pick up the guitar and start taking voice lessons. “Meet Me Halfway” is the first demo I took to music teacher, multi-instrumentalist and producer Scott Yoshimura (The Envy Corps, Canby) in March of this year. We quickly understood our creative energies and influences align, and formed Elison. Inspired by bands like Sparklehorse, Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Cat Power and Big Thief, we’ve created a sound all our own. “Meet Me Halfway” is set to debut on Iowa Public Radio’s Studio One program and will be released to the public via digital platforms on October 8. (-Marissa Kephart-)

Meet me halfway

Mit ihrem Erstlingswerk tauchen Elison in die Welt der Beziehungen ein und greifen als Thema das Verlassen auf, einer Beziehung zu entfliehen wenn es Zeit dafür ist, ist gar nicht so einfach.
Meist "bleibt" man ja länger als nötig in ungesunden Beziehungen und gibt die Hoffnung nicht auf, die Hoffnung auf eine Wende, ein Zeichen, ein "Was-auch-immer-man-sucht" Ding. Jenes Ding bleibt aber prinzipiell unauffindbar. Dieses Thema wird musikalisch im Genre des Indiepop verarbeitet und mit leicht rockigen Nuancen versehen. Etwas an Debbie Harry erinnernd liefert Marissa eine äußerst gelungene Performance ab. Das Arrangement selbst wirkt ausgewogen und schafft es immer wieder neue Akzente zu setzen, arabeske Synthmelodien im Zusammenspiel mit Gitarre und den Vocals erschaffen ein kleines zeitloses Indiepop Prunkstück der Gegenwart. "Meet me halfway" by Elison, unfortunately we have had to wait over 20 years for this song but it was worth to waiting for.


Who inspired you to make music in general?

(Marissa) I named our project in homage to my origins: my maiden name was Cornelison and my father is a musician himself. My dad’s a long time jazz musician so my love of this art form really stemmed from seeing him perform my entire life. I pulled “elison” out to honor him and his influence in my life, now that I’ve finally started pursuing music for myself. 
I wanted to know if there was any meaning in the word and quickly discovered it meant “division” or “separation,” which felt serendipitous because that was one huge effect of this pandemic and ultimately, the catalyst that led me to start playing. There was no other option. I had to use elison. It was too perfect. For me, creativity has always been a way of life. 
My mother is an artist and that had a big impact on me growing up, so visual arts was what I pursued first when looking for a creative outlet. I started creating art to coincide with music. I was inspired by album covers and began collecting show posters. Ultimately, the energy of bands’ branding and their visual messaging was what drew me to graphic design. My graphic design career has very much paralleled my love for music.

...and especially to the song "Meet me halfway" ?

(Marissa) “Meet Me Halfway” pulls you in with its immersive, atmospheric mood, then propels you forward with its consistent driving motion. It was inspired by that moment of clarity you get when you finally make a decision to move forward from an unbalanced relationship, it is both powerful and hopeful in messaging.
I’m a bit of an optimist and I often find myself staying in relationships far longer than they deserve. The realization to move on takes time but when it does there’s a sense of empowerment in the awareness and then sometimes, the warranted demise.

Do you remember the first ever Pop/Rock Song you listened to?

(Marissa) My first introduction to Pop/Rock music was Weezer's blue album. I spent the entire summer dragging the cd player around outside so I could listen to it on repeat.

When do you decide that a song is ready for a release?

(Scott) Once we both feel like the song is “written” with lyrics, melody, and structure there, we set out to record and fully develop it right away. After we go the rounds of trying out a few directions, we record/mix/produce until it feels complete. There aren't necessarily any rules here, we mostly go by a feeling.

What do you prefer more, the stage or the studio?

(Scott) The studio is definitely preferred, although we haven’t really given the stage a fair shake just yet.

What is your creative process like?

(Marissa + Scott) Mostly it’s sharing ideas for songs, even snippets, between the two of us. Recording voice memos or videos and sending clips to eachother at random hours of the day isn't out of the norm. Whenever either gets really excited about it or has a clear vision to work out, we go for it.

What is the most useful talent you have?

(Scott) I’m a tinkerer/fixer in my spare time, which has really come in handy for setting up a studio. From basic electrical engineering to building small furniture for use with recording equipment, it’s definitely proved useful for our process.
(Marissa) For me, I believe it to be my voracious appetite to take on creative challenges. I get excited and draw energy from creative problem solving and this whole endeavour has proven to be one big creative (but thrilling) challenge.

How do you feel the Internet (especially Social Media platforms) has impacted the music business?

(Scott) It’s had a massive impact on the way music is created and shared. For better or for worse, it’s never been any more accessible for musicians to connect with fans and friends.

What’s next for you?

(Scott) Releasing “Meet Me Halfway” and our first music video to go with it. Meanwhile, we continue to work on several other new songs to release following.

Photo credits: Jordon Van Zante

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