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Weekly Top 40 - NenesButler presents the music Blog charts - 27.11.21

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"Human" by Damien


Ipswich’s professed prophet of prose, alt-electro-rock musician DAMIEN is a queer, non-binary artist who powerfully pushes against mainstream conventions with poignant, post-punk political commentaries and calls for social activism.
Emerging in early 2020, DAMIEN's music blends electro rock with elements of both pop and industrial, and pairs this with lyrical content that has solidified him as an artist hell bent on causing a ruckus that disrupts the conventions of current day consumerism.
In 2021 DAMIEN released the full length album, 'Girl', which saw was praised for reshaping alternative electronica by Happy Mag.
DAMIEN has performed to sell-out crowds, and in May 2021 launched his album in front of a near capacity crowd at the iconic Lefty's Music Hall in Brisbane, earning critical acclaim for his energy and crowd engagement during his performance.
DAMIEN has received national airplay and has frequently featured in local, national and international publications. 
His 'Your Woman' music video has been heavily praised for its support of transgender people and awareness of issues faced by the transgender community.


Er ist zurück, Damien. Mit seinem neuesten Release "Human" folgt er seinem Vorgänger "Love myself", sprich bleibt dem Genre gewissermaßen treu, schafft es aber die nächste Stufe zu erklimmen.
"Human’ is inspired by the spiritualist idea that there is something uniquely sacred and divine about our humanity, and that the truly human experience is one in which we come to grow in compassion, love, empathy and unity towards one another.", sagt er selbst darüber. 
Die Menschlichkeit, das Mensch sein selbst, als etwas einzigartig Heiliges und Göttliches zu betrachten und als Thema umzusetzen, quasi den Komplex "Menschlichkeit" zu erfassen und diesem musikalischen Ausdruck zu verleihen als großes Vorhaben. 
Die Kombination "Menschlichkeit" im Zusammenspiel "Industrial meets Dark Wave" verschmilzt zu Dark Electro und erreicht dabei das nächste Level. Die Drums "marschieren", wirken beinahe wie ein Mahnmal, und fordern den Bass und die Synths auf sich unterzuordnen. 
Die Vocals fast die eines Predigers gleich, wie von einer Kanzel herab wird das Wort verkündet. "Human" by Damien, where Depeche Mode ends and Marilyn Mansons starts or simply the next step is done.


Who or What was your inspiration for your new release "Human"?

The initial inspiration came from a book I read a while ago called, 'Sex God', by an author called, Rob Bell
The book was exploring the connection between sexuality and spirituality, and it introduced me to the notion that the most spiritual thing a person can do is be human, because that is what we are and were always meant to be.

The Track creates an amazing Industrial meets Dark Wave atmosphere and is definitely the next step, are these one of your favorite genres?

Yes. I really love dark electronic music, but that still has a hard rock edge to it, rather than becoming too techno. My favourite song at the moment is one called 'Zombie', by Siiickbrain,

Also it sounds like a "Dark Wave Underground Club Banger", do you like Clubs or the Nightlife itself?

I have a love/hate relationship with clubs. I love the vibe of an underground club, with lots of strobes, smoke, gothic makeup and leather...but I have very sensitive ears so it can be a very overstimulating environment at times. But performing in that sort of environment is my absolute favourite thing to do.

You say, "Human" is sort of a Christmas song, do you like the days around Christmas or is it more "Never mind the Christmas days, here is Damien" (in homage to Punk, in this case Electro Punk :) )?

It's definitely more the latter. I hate the commercial chaos of Christmas, and listening to carols constantly in shopping malls is hell on earth. But having said that, I think there is a subversive message in the idea of 'incarnation' which is one of the key religious themes surrounding Christmas. 
The idea of a God that takes on what it means to be human and suffer in the pain and anguish of all that being human entails, whilst also living in love and service to others is actually a radical and inspiring idea to me.

When could we expect the next full Album or an EP?

A full album will be out mid next year, but look out for two more singles first, one of which is going to be very dark, and the other with a slight pop/rock element to it.

Do you remember your first ever self written song?

Yes. Growing up in Australia, the weather is incredibly hot, so people often spend summer time near a beach or pool. My first ever song was titled, 'Lounging in My Pool', and was about being on school vacation.

What's your most useful talent besides music?

Making pancakes. In my family, I am the king of making pancakes!

What was the first ever Pop/Rock/Wave... song you listened to, or you remember of?

Great question, and my answer to this probably changes constantly because memory is such fickle thing, but I remember, as a kid, listening to a song called, 'Great Southern Land' by an Australian rock band called, 'Icehouse', and falling in love with the drum sound.

... and of course what’s next for you?

The plan is to release the next two singles in fairly quick succession early next year, and start planning shows around the release of the album, which will be titled, 'Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender'.

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