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"Hug the line" by Kevin Rieth

Kevin Rieth grew up in York, PA and was almost immediately obsessed with all things music

Kevin Rieth

Kevin Rieth grew up in York, PA and was almost immediately obsessed with all things music, from banging on pots and pans to requesting The Beatles’ “Get Back” during preschool singalong. 
He took up the trumpet in fifth grade, and the rest is history. Kevin is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and currently resides in San Diego, CA with his cat, Simon.

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Hug the line

"Hug the Line" ist die erste Single aus dem Debut Album "Up & Up" von Kevin Rieth und erschien vor ein paar Tagen, um genau zu sein waren es 7 Tage. Externe Zwänge und Erwartungen, innere Ängste nicht dem Bild zu entsprechen, der innere Kampf mit sich selbst als Inspiration. "This was inspired by Kevin's internal struggle with his own sexuality as a gay man and his progress in coming to terms with it.", so Kevin. 
Die musikalische Umsetzung bedient sich dem "Genre-hopping", die Elemente werden dabei wunderbar verknüpft bzw. arrangiert. Die Gitarre erinnert mich stellenweise an George Harrisons Sound in den End-60ern. 
"Barock Pop" Elemente fungieren als Weckruf dieser Dekade bzw. rollen den Teppich aus, zu Ehren der Fab Four, das Arrangement spannt mühelos den Bogen, baut quasi die Brücke Richtung Alternative Rock der Gegenwart und sorgt für eine feine Brise Gegenwart. Ich denke George Martin hätte wohlwollend genickt.
Ein weiterer Pluspunkt, "Hug the Line" ist erst der Auftakt, der Beginn eines in den Startlöchern stehenden Albums. Der gelungene erste Schritt wurde gesetzt, jetzt heißt es geduldig sein, das Warten auf den zweiten Akt hat begonnen.


Kevin Rieth is ...?

a singer/songwriter based in San Diego, CA. Hug The Line is the first single from his debut solo album, Up & Up.

Who inspired you to make music in general ...and especially to the song "Hug the line"?

From the age of three, I’ve been obsessed with The Beatles - I’d definitely consider them to be my first musical influence, and you can hear a lot of that in my music today. 
That said, “Hug The Line” draws on a lot of different influences, from retro funk/soul to baroque pop to modern alternative rock. This includes artists like Amy Winehouse, My Morning Jacket, Lucius, The Zombies, and Brittany Howard/Alabama Shakes.

The single ist the first release from your solo debut album, what can we expect from "Up & Up"?

Up & Up is a journey - there is a lot of variety on the record. 
As with most of my music, the album has a retro twist to it, taking the listener from funky grooves like “Hug The Line,” to Byrds-esque jangly 12-string, to heavier, Zeppelin-influenced vocals. I believe there’s something for most listeners here.

What is your creative process like?

I write in several different ways, but in all cases, listening to a lot of new music is crucial. This gets me thinking outside the box. Then, I’ll sometimes go for walks without music in hopes that a new melody will enter my head. 
I’ll take that back and figure out the underlying chords, using what results as a starting point. That’s how “Hug The Line” was composed. Other times, I’ll mess around with interesting chords or bass lines and fit a melody to that. It just depends on what is fruitful on any particular day.

What's your most useful talent besides music?

I’d have to say interior design - I absolutely love setting up new spaces and making them special.

How would you describe 2021 in a sentence?

Due to the painful breakup I went through in March, 2021 has been the hardest year of my life.

What was the first ever Pop/Rock/etc. ... song you listened to or remember on?

The first pop/rock song I vividly remember hearing is “Hey Bulldog” by The Beatles. I’m pretty sure I must’ve had a Yellow Submarine cassette tape!

You are from San Diego, how would you describe the music scene there?

The San Diego music scene is filled with some of the most wonderful and supportive musicians I’ve met in my life. I’ve had a great time playing with local art rock band King Whisker this year, and it helps to have such great sponsors of local music at radio station 91X. 
They regularly promote local groups and attend shows, giving San Diego a real sense of community.

Do you remember your first ever self-written song?

I sure do, and I’m glad that it won’t see the light of day, haha! I wrote it with my friends in high school. It was a psychedelic rock track with generous use of wah. It’s the only way to learn!

What’s next for you?

I’m looking forward to relocating to the D.C. area to be closer to friends and family. I am excited to start a brand new project there, too!

Photo credits: Jeremy Houtz

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