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"I will be free" by Psychedelic Revolution

Psychedelic Revolution (aka Psyche Rev) is a one man project

Psychedelic Revolution

From the live houses of the Jing to busking in tunnels (Granted, the 33.3% donation rate was based on the fact that he had removed his stifling white collar shirt and was dancing bare chested) in Singapore Psychedelic Revolution (aka Psyche Rev) is a one man project that likes most things such as alt r&b and alt rock. 
Has worked with the likes of Warren Riker and Riddim from XTX and made the Edgar Allen Poets and bekypequi playlists. Tastes like Kung Pao Chicken. Looks like a cross between Brag Pitt and Heath Leather. Smells like team spirit. Feels like baby powder. Oh the music. Yeah, it sounds good.

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I will be free

Brisbane, Australien scheint ein guter Nährboden für Musik bzw. "Up and Coming Artists" zu sein. Das Ein-Mann-Project "Psychedelic Revolution" lieferte dieser Tage seine Single "I will be free" ab. "The release is very unique for me as it's the first folk song I've written.", fügte Chris hinzu. 
Begleitet von seiner Akustikgitarre machte er sich auf den Weg seine Erinnerungen mit uns zu teilen. Schmerzhaft wie auch schön, der Einblick bzw. Rückblick auf das Leben. Intensive wie auch befreiende Momente, prägende Augenblicke welche die Weichen einer Zukunft stellen. Emotionen die er zu erzählen respektive vorzutragen weiß. 
Die Vocals dermaßen authentisch und gefühlsbetont das es nicht mehr braucht als eine Gitarre um Tiefe zu erzeugen. Die Melancholie im Bann der Sehnsucht sich zu befreien, aus der Schattenseite des Lebens zu treten das Ziel, der letzte Takt, der letzte Akt. "I will be free" by Psychedelic Revolution a "soul and mind touching" masterpiece, inspired by life. 
Im Anschluss daran noch ein kurzer wie auch interessanter Q&A part, welcher euch den Künstler etwas näher bringt.


Psychedelic Revolution is/are...?

A one man project that breathes music made by someone with integrity. The artist name is inspired by the psychedelia of Pink Floyd/The Beatles and the Revolution era of Prince.

Who inspired you to make music in general ...and especially to the song "I will be free"?

I just simply happen to love music. :) It's always been with me and I'd been in bands since high school and university. 
"I Will Be Free" is a lot different from the soulful or rocking stuff I usually do. It's very straight and on the beat. The similarity between the other songs I do is that it was very natural and flowed easily.

What is your creative process like and was it different for this song?

Usually I come up with a cool melody I like or a guitar riff and I improvise. Through improvisation I make variations on the melody and also come up with the words at the same time. When I enter 'flow state' everything seems easier. 
So I guess this was no different from the others except that I toned the production down with no strings or drums or bass.

What's your most useful talent besides music?

I love to cook and I'm a very descriptive writer.

How would you describe 2021 in a sentence?

A world ravaged by Covid-19.

What was the first ever Folk/Pop/Rock/etc. ... song you listened to or remember on?

In general, the song 'Sailing' by Rod Stewart. I was 4-5 years old and jumping up and down on the bed listening to a 'Love' compilation album from my parents. 
There was also Stevie Wonder/Phil Collins/Leo Sayer. First folk song was probably 'Blowing in the Wind'.

You are from Brisbane, how would you describe the music scene there?

It's cool. So many cool artists from Australia such as Silverchair, AC/DC, Bee Gees, Parkway Drive, the Whitlams, INXS, King Gizzard, The Church,Tame Impala etc.

Do you remember your first ever self-written song?

Yes, it was a folk rock song named 'Open Skies'. I wrote it when I was 18 and recorded it on Audacity .I look back and think with next to no theory I managed to craft a half decent song.

What’s next for you?

More songwriting and gigs. More studio sessions. "Cried, More. More. More." Thank you very much for the cool questions!

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