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"Free (Album)" by Hilla Peer

"Free" the new Album from Hilla Peer

Hilla Peer is...?

An indie singer-songwriter, and up until 2 years ago never sang in her life. I started recording covers two years ago and before that, never sang in my life :-) It was hidden inside of me for a long time and I didn’t even realize I could sing, let alone write...
Then started writing and learned some chords and started releasing original music. I'm working from my home studio, bought all the equipment and learned to work on Cubase, and that gave me the opportunity to work with producers from different places around the world.

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Free (Album)

The New full length Album is out, Hilla Peer.
Today, 01/21/22, the debut album by Hilla Peer, called "Free", has been released. It contains all nine singles released so far plus 3 new tracks and a remix of "Running away". 
We start with "Control", a great and impressive number, not too fast, not too slow and varied, just the right song for the beginning. This is followed by the already well-known and groovy "Dont wanna", equipped with the sound it needs to conquer the charts. 
The next tracks are "Running Away", "No one" and "Like the Rain", one of my personal highlights. It continues almost jazzy with "Night Dance"
With "Better Days" Hilla then strikes somewhat calmer notes, Folk Pop at its best, so to speak. "Lockdown" is in the same vein as "Dont wanna" and is a good contrast to its predecessors. "Walls", "Wonder" and "Free" as a triple pack with "Free" as the highlight are just as convincing as "Dreams" at the end of the album. 
Hilla Peer and her debut album "Free" is on the one hand a retrospective of her work, on the other hand also a preview of what awaits us in the future. The range of her creativity is enormous. From trendy, groovy beats to fine Folk Pop and jazzy vibes, you get everything you could wish for. Recommended songs are: "Control", "Dont wanna", "Like the rain", "Free" and "Walls".


Hilla Peer, singer and songwriter
Your latest track "Dont wanna" sounds amazing, what's the story behind it?

Thanks a lot! I love this song, it brings out a different side of me, the kind of music I listen to a lot. :)

These days your Album will be released, what can we expect?

Yes! My debut album, I'm very excited about it! All my 9 singles I released so far are there, 3 new songs, and a special remix version of my song "Running away"This album is all about love, and the need we all have to be free and happy.
It has some acoustic, folk songs, ballads, fun pop songs and interesting collabs I made with very talented musicians, I really love how diverse it is and how it turned out!

What is your creative process like?

Oh so many phone memos!! that is how I start my writing, just singing to my phone a concept, and idea of a melody or lyrics and that's how I start. 
Then I sit with my piano or guitar and start to find some chords to it, and develop the structure of the song and finally I sit and write all the lyrics :-) But every song I ever wrote started with a phone memo recording ;-)

What's your most useful talent besides music?

Multitasking!! I do a lot of different things during my everyday life and the fact that I manage to keep up is thanks to my multitasking skills :-)

How would you describe 2021 in a sentence?

Wow, Hard but very creative for me personally

What do you prefer, a live gig or a studio session?

Didn't really do live gigs, because of the pandemic, but I love being in the studio, recording!

Do you remember your first ever self-written song?

My first single, "Like the rain" came out April 2020 and I love this song so much. This song started everything for me and gave me the drive and the confidence to continue writing and releasing music.

What’s next for you?

My album "Free" - out this Friday! and after that, I will soon start working on my next songs :-)