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"the bond" by Sweeter Than Sorrow

Sweeter Than Sorrow is the solo music project of singer-songwriter, Mattias Wåhlberg

Sweeter Than Sorrow

Born in the summer of 2021, Sweeter Than Sorrow is the solo music project of singer-songwriter, Mattias Wåhlberg, who is also known as the bandleader of notable Swedish alternative folk-pop band Sombre View.
Honest, heartfelt songwriting, brewing meaningful, introspective lyricism in beautiful soundscapes, Sweeter Than Sorrow dives deep into a soft, sensitive, introverted world. The project challenges the traditional macho-ideal stereotype and open the discussion of modern man. Sweeter Than Sorrow stands by LGBTQ+ community and love of all forms.

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the bond

"Inspired by a casual conversation between two people who have been in love for decades...", so einen Song muss man sich doch einfach anhören. Gedacht, Getan. Wenn nichts außer einer Beziehung, dieser einen intensiven Bindung (the bond) besteht, sozusagen Raum und Zeit aufgehört haben zu existieren, man eins geworden ist mit seinem Partner, dann kann wohl geschehen was wolle, es wird daran abprallen. Ein großes Thema das hier wundervoll verarbeitet und dargeboten wird. 
Wunderbar begleitet von einem Klavier welches dieses Verschwinden von Raum und Zeit in seiner musikalischen Auslegung grandios definiert und von Cello und Kontrabass zur Entfaltung gebracht wird. 
Sweeter than sorrow zeigt mit "The Bond" auf, sein Können, sein Talent des Storytellings sowie die musikalische Inszenierung äußerst beeindruckend. Das Zusammenspiel Lyrics, Vocals und Akustik in Vollendung umgesetzt. "The Bond" von Sweeter than sorrow, ... und am Ende bleibt die Liebe.


Sweeter than sorrow is...?

A solo project started in the summer of 2021 by me, Mattias Wåhlberg, bandleader, singer and songwriter in swedish alternative pop band Sombre View. 
I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been making music for many years. Mostly melancholic music, inspired by the Cure and such more “darker” or even depressive and/or emotional/dramatic acts.
Sweeter than Sorrow is kind of my attempt to explore a more sensitive, life affirming and at the same time more “sweet” and honest approach.

Who inspired you to make music in general and especially to your song "The Bond"?

I think I was inspired both by the music I heard in my family when I grew up (my parents were musicians), that was mostly classical music, and pop music, at first swedish pop and then international keyboarddriven pop. Later on came more folk influences. 
Now I listen and am inspired by a variety of music, both contemporary pop, singer songwriters, rock and electropop, classical and folk. And I think you can hear everything of that in “the bond”
Before I was limited by more narrow musical boundaries and had more ideas about what was “good” or “bad” music. I’m more free now. That makes my own music more unique, I think.

What's your creative process like?

I often get some kind of hook with both melody and lyrics in my mind and an overall feeling that I want to express, seemingly out of the blue or when thinking about some subject that is meaningful for me. It can come almost at any moment. Then when I get the chance I sit by the piano and develop it.

What's your most useful talent besides music?

Oh, that’s hard…maybe it’s kind of related but I’m also working with other things when I need to be creative, treating people with neurological diseases and I think I’m quite good at that, but if that’s a talent as such I don’t know. Besides I’m both interested in and quite good at different sports ⚽️ .

How would you describe 2021 in a sentence?

Tough and frustrating but also creativity inducing.

What do you prefer, a live gig or a studio session?

A studio session creating new music.

Do you remember your first ever self-written song?

Yes! Haha, that song was not very good but at least it made me continue. I was probably 10 years old.

What’s next for you?

I’m trying to find my sound as a solo artist, writing a lot of songs and working with the overall feeling and the arrangements/production. 
I want to keep the honest tone I think I’ve found in the two first singles and the simplicity. I’m working all the time to reach out to more people so maybe I need to find myself a label to help me with that so I can focus more on the creative process.

Photo credits: Alina Wåhlberg

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