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"Wind your neck" by The Hell Beings

The Hell Beings melden sich mit "Wind your neck" zurück.
Another Track, another banger or The Hell Beings are back!

The Hell Beings

"Perhaps a metaphor for our suffering before we begin to awaken, the numbers searched didn’t matter as they're without consequence in dreams, so boom it dropped, nothing matters, feel the weight of the universe then lift from your shoulders the kingdom of hell is within." (-Hell Beings-)

Wind your neck

"Sing what you see" als Inspiration und Experiment zugleich. Dieses Abenteuer darf als gelungen, ja, als erfolgreich angesehen werden. The Hell Beings melden sich mit "Wind your neck", ihrer neuesten Errungenschaft bzw. Veröffentlichung, eindrucksvoll zurück. Nach "Skallywag" der nächste "New-Grunge/Rock" Banger der apokalyptischen Reiter aus Brighton. 
Feinster roher Gitarrensound stachelt die Meute an, ruft quasi eine Garde aus Bass und Drums auf den Plan um dann zusammen, einem Geschwader gleich, die selbe Richtung einzuschlagen, der Weg als Ziel, das Ziel eine Botschaft "play hard, sound raw"
"Wind your neck", this time The Hell Beings as herdsmen, impressively they are driving the herd ahead. Another Track, another banger or The Hell Beings are back!


What or Who was your inspiration for the new track "Wind your neck"?

comedy comes natural universally, whereas jokers forever fall flat. Yngwie gets a spurious nod of sorts, MC5 Motorhead, Oh Sees, Flat Worms all inspire awe. Overdrive distortion fetish slips out.

"Sing what you see" as a new creative process?

improve all the way, makes sense to me

This "process" seems to be very successful, I love this sound, can we expect more in the future?

thanks Wolf, less is more always

Do we have the chance to see you live somewhere in the near future, any plans for that?

scream and we might

What's your most useful talent besides music?

medicinal meditation

How would you describe 2021 in a sentence?

squeezing into hotpants, the buzzer near flew off the wall, clock screamed 20:21... skates are on.

Do you remember your first ever self-written song?

post masturbation blues

What’s next for you?

all downhill herein

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