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How Caela’s “Ungebremst” Will Make You Feel Unstoppable After a Toxic Breakup

“Ungebremst” by CAELA “Ungebremst” is the latest release by Caela, and it delivers a powerful and personal message of moving on from a toxic relationship. The song has an upbeat tempo and positive lyrics that create a sense of empowerment and inspire listeners to leave behind the negativity of the past and move forward with renewed strength and hope. With its catchy melody and uplifting message , “Ungebremst” is the perfect anthem for anyone who wants to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship and reclaim their happiness. facebook     spotify     instagram     youtube     tiktok Wer steckt hinter CAELA und wie entstand diese Zusammenarbeit bzw. Band/Projekt oder anders gefragt wie habt ihr euch "gefunden"? CAELA ist das Ergebnis einer langjährigen Freundschaft. Kennengelernt haben wir uns im Reitstall, Reiten ist ein Hobby, das uns bis heute verbindet. Tagsüber arbeiten wir in „seriösen“ Berufen ( Juristin und Steuerberaterin ), aber unser

"Yesterday" by Marcus Valance

Marcus Valance

Marcus Valance

Marcus is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer from the UK. Marcus began learning the piano at 5yrs old and also learned the saxophone, oboe and clarinet before finding the love of the guitar. Growing up he studied classical music and Jazz before writing his own songs. He is also a photographer and filmmaker and advisor for World Mobile Group connecting the unconnected in Africa. You can see his photography work at


Ein britischer Musiker der in den Niederlanden lebt, in Utrecht um genau zu sein. Heute erscheint der neueste Song von Marcus Valance, Sänger und Multi-Instrumentalist wie auch Writer und Producer, namens "Yesterday". 
Seine Inspiration zum Lied war seine persönliche Erfahrung respektive der Umgang mit dem Verlust eines geliebten Menschen. Er haderte lange mit sich selbst, ob er diesen Trackveröffentlichen soll oder nicht, da er ein Teil seiner tiefsten Empfindungen war bzw. ist. 
"...In the end, talking about death as part of life, I thought was important not only from a personal point of view but to help others open up about their own grief...", am Ende entschied er sich, zu unserem Glück, doch für einen Release, da er den Tod als Teil des Lebens sah und damit eventuell anderen dabei helfen kann, wenn jemand darüber spricht. 
Musikalisch bewegt er sich sicher und äußerst begabt auf dem Terrain Folk meets Indie Acoustic und liefert im Zuge eines perfekten Arrangements, siehe bzw. höre Chord-Progression und Instrumentalisierung, eine ebenso gelungene Vocalperformance ab. 
"Yesterday" by Marcus Valance, eine gelungene musikalische Interpretation von Schmerz und Trauer welche nicht nur textlich sondern auch in ihrer akustischen Darbietung zu überzeugen vermag.


Marcus Valance is...?

...a British musician living in The Netherlands, working in Africa and making music in-between and all around!

Who inspired you to make music in general?

I started playing instruments from a very young age and my mum supported me hugely so I’d have to say she first inspired me to make music!

What's the story behind your latest release "Yesterday", respectively what or who was your inspiration?

We had a loss in the family recently and the song is about that moment in time. I was flying back from Africa when it happened. I heard the news when I landed and the song wrote itself.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process involves sitting down at the piano or picking up the guitar and making terrible noises until something not so terrible comes out!

Do you remember your first ever self-written song?

I don’t no. I have vague memories of learning to write and thinking they were great songs when they obviously weren't! But that ’s how you learn right?! Practice, practice, practice! - I’m still practicing!

What's your most useful talent besides music?

I’m a documentary photographer by day and have spent a lot of time documenting events and telling people’s stories for the news and charitable organisations in underdeveloped regions and refugee camps all over the world.

At this moment, what would be your "All time Top 3 Songs”?

That’s so difficult! My top 100 playlist has 200 songs in it!
But the live version of ‘About Today’ by The National is incredible - And I’ve never seen a better sync placement than that song in the film ‘Warrior’ with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton - Wow! I love ‘Vor í Vaglaskógi’ by KALEO though I can’t understand a word but what a voice and melody and also Spectre by Radiohead is without a doubt the best Bond theme ever written although it was sadly never used!

If you could change anything in the past, what would it be?

You can’t change the past but if something can be changed now or in the future I think it’s worth talking about.

What’s next for you?

Well I’ve been wrting a lot of new songs so I hope to be speaking to you again in the not too distant future about another record!

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