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Overwhelming gentleness: ‘Rock the Boat’ by ANA ROXANA

‘Rock the Boat’ by ANA ROXANA She is a Romanian singer, songwriter, and producer who resides in the Netherlands . She has been our guest on several occasions and never fails to surprise us. ‘Rock the Boat’ is her latest single , and the artist behind it, as some may already know, is ANA ROXANA.  This cheerful summer song revolves around the feeling of having found true love. It’s not about fireworks, as she says, but about a sense of peace and deep joy. Musically, she once again impresses us with her vocals.  Her harmonies exude a gentle charm and melodic quality that make her instantly recognizable.  From song to song, born within her trusted musical world, she offers us something new that still sounds so familiar that it makes you feel at home or evokes a sense of arrival. Whenever an ANA ROXANA song plays, it’s as if someone opens the door and invites you in, and the same goes for ‘Rock the Boat’, you’re musically embraced. Overwhelming gentleness, produced by ANA ROXANA and opti
New Wave
Synth Pop

“Beyond the Dream Drum”: A transcendent musical journey by Silvermouse and Carlos Vivanco

"Beyond the Dream Drum feat. Carlos Vivanco and Monroe Sound Science" by Silvermouse

Prepare to be blown away by the stunning remake of “Beyond the Dream Drum” by Silvermouse, the duo that creates mind-bending soundscapes with brainwave-entrainment frequencies. They teamed up with Carlos Vivanco, a visionary musician, who adds his jazz piano and guitar improvisations to the track, creating a transcendent sonic journey that fuses diverse musical influences and experimentation. Silvermouse uses Monroe Sound Science to infuse their music with brainwave-entrainment frequencies, creating an immersive and mind-altering sonic experience that is a truly psychoactive force.
Silvermouse defies the limits of sonic exploration with their signature blend of instruments, celestial synths, captivating rhythms, and transcendent improvisations. Inspired by their passion for cosmic existence and connection to nature, Silvermouse reinvents the possibilities of musical expression. The duo creates with audio frequencies that have deep psycho-spiritual effects on the listener and harmonize beautifully with their unique sound and performance.
Don’t miss the chance to experience “Beyond the Dream Drum feat. Carlos Vivanco and Monroe Sound Science” by Silvermouse and Vivanco, a genre-defying audio adventure that transports you to new dimensions.

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