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How Caela’s “Ungebremst” Will Make You Feel Unstoppable After a Toxic Breakup

“Ungebremst” by CAELA “Ungebremst” is the latest release by Caela, and it delivers a powerful and personal message of moving on from a toxic relationship. The song has an upbeat tempo and positive lyrics that create a sense of empowerment and inspire listeners to leave behind the negativity of the past and move forward with renewed strength and hope. With its catchy melody and uplifting message , “Ungebremst” is the perfect anthem for anyone who wants to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship and reclaim their happiness. facebook     spotify     instagram     youtube     tiktok Wer steckt hinter CAELA und wie entstand diese Zusammenarbeit bzw. Band/Projekt oder anders gefragt wie habt ihr euch "gefunden"? CAELA ist das Ergebnis einer langjährigen Freundschaft. Kennengelernt haben wir uns im Reitstall, Reiten ist ein Hobby, das uns bis heute verbindet. Tagsüber arbeiten wir in „seriösen“ Berufen ( Juristin und Steuerberaterin ), aber unser

Weekly Top 40 - The music Blog charts - 22.01.22

1 A Place to Call Home - Extended Version - Emma Elizabeth

Weekly Top 40

1 A Place to Call Home - Emma Elizabeth
2 Only Limit Is You - John Long
3 So Cool - Low Girl
4 Space Person Blues - Mark Remmington
5 No Man's Land - Luna Keller
6 Femme Fatale - Cindy-Louise
7 X-Ray - Elnoir
8 Cowboy, Rockstar - Katy for Kings
9 Bleeding Hearts Club - Sunday Hunter
10 How Can You Rhyme That Shit? - Lemon

11 Jagged Line - First Frontier
12 the bond - Sweeter than Sorrow
13 I Wanna Know - Lycio
14 Happy New Year - Cathedral Birds
15 On the Zooms - Brick Blair
16 AWAKEN - ElectroMagneticPulse
17 I Will Be Free - Psychedelic Revolution
18 Hug The Line - Kevin Rieth
19 Repeat Offender - Snap Infraction
20 Paradise - Roses in Hand

21 Rejoice - Ben Freeman, Aric B., Vélez, Soul Connection
22 Home - Victorian Death Photos
23 Find Something - Avresa
24 SQUEEZE - Charlotte Hall
25 Optimism - Lee Trent
26 Coffee - Dephcat
27 Nobody But You - David Mac
28 The Fall - Nobody's Wolf Child
29 Mind in a Maze - nasmore, RyanMusiq
30 ALARM! - The Breakdown

31 Bed of Tears - Nalan
32 It Should Be Me - Julie Hicklin, Fay.
33 Nothing - Dog in Confusion
34 Warm - Jay Curti$
35 King Me - Thefemifactor
36 Creeper Deeper - Jon Doe
37 Control - Big in Borneo
38 Save Me - Motel Midnight
39 Contempt for Others - Mock Deer
40 Tennessee - Caspar Vayne

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Artists of the Week! - The Playlist

Pale Dream - "Something Tells Me"

Electropop track with a touch of disco-funk!